A brand new clubnight is coming to Cork this weekend

Introducing: YAWLAG

Founded in 2022, Yawlag Collective has quickly established itself as a key player in Galway’s electronic music scene, and they’re about to bring their musical talents to Cork city.

Celebrated for its dynamic and inclusive approach in the ‘City of The Tribes’, this vibrant collective showcases the local talents of AADM, Chucky ár nGrá, Daithí Krushéir, Fluid Druid, FrontLeft, Jedi Jinks, KEGS, and Mitch Presents.

Together, they bring an energetic and lively flair to their performances which have earned them a loyal following at home and recognition abroad. YAWLAG Collective excels across a diverse spectrum of genres, including house, disco and organic beats – enabling seamless adaptability to bars, clubs and festival stages.

YAWLAG will be taking over the Pav on Friday July 12th

Additionally, the group hosts a monthly radio show on Galway’s Flirt FM and organises ‘Mix Meet-Ups’ tutorials, further enriching the local music community.

Known for our high-energy presence and ability to adapt to various settings, YAWLAG’s events & TAKEOVER’S captivate audiences whether in intimate bars, pulsating clubs, or on grand festival stages. Our performances have been highlights at All Together Now, Éalú Le Grá , Róisín Dubh, Electric Galway, Sea Sessions Weekend Stage Takeover, Cuba nightclub, Murrave (Rotterdam), Outset Gallery Market and Pop Up street busk.

These Galway boys are passionate about their craft and are eager to get into the Cork scene. They will be hosting their first free club night in the Pavilion on Carey’s Lane on Friday 12th @11PM, so make sure to pop by and check them out.

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