This Cork market has an eco-friendly way to dispose of your unused pumpkins

Halloween is now behind us, which means it’s time to stuff the fake cobwebs, wigs and plastic skeletons back into the closet until next year. Disposing of those rotting pumpkins in your porch may be a more complex task, however.

Rather than chucking them in the bin (which is actually harmful to the environment due to methane gases and unnecessary waste), our friends at the Marina Market have come up with an eco-friendly solution.

This weekend, the Marina Market will be doing a collection for any old pumpkins that you may have lying around the house. The unused pumpkins will be shipped to local farms where they will be carefully composted and redistributed into the soil organically. The nutrients in pumpkins prove to be highly beneficial for soil and make for fantastic fertilisers.

Speaking about the collection, the Marina Market mentions that pumpkins must be untreated, and must not be sprayed, bleached or painted. The pumpkin drop-off is available all weekend at Marina Market (get directions here).

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