Cully & Sully are on a quest to find Irelands best chowder

And they’ve aptly named it the ‘SOUPerb Awards’

Cully & Sully, renowned soup enthusiasts, have joined forces with John and Sally McKenna of McKenna Guides to unveil the highly anticipated SOUPerb Awards 2024. This exciting initiative aims to discover and honour the establishment that serves Ireland’s most exceptional bowl of chowder.

Starting from June 1st, the entire nation will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the place they believe creates Ireland’s best chowder. Every voter will have a chance to win one of numerous prizes.

At the conclusion of the summer, the foodie foursome, Cully & Sully with John and Sally McKenna will face the challenging task of narrowing down the nominations to a select group of finalists. The four judges will then embark on a culinary journey, visiting the finalists to sample their chowders before crowning one establishment as the SOUPerb Awards Champion 2024.

Cully & Sully, established in 2004 by founders Cullen Allen (Cully) and Colum O’Sullivan (Sully), is Ireland’s top-selling soup brand. Committed to delivering high-quality food, Cully & Sully offers a wide range of fresh soups, risottos, broths and pies.

“We invite the nation to participate in the search for the ultimate bowl of chowder, regardless of whether it’s served in a pub, catering truck, hotel, café, or restaurant,” said Cullen Allen, also known as Cully. “This is an essential part of any Irish road trip or summer holiday, and we are excited to embark on this tasting adventure.”

By casting a vote, participants will have the chance to win an array of prizes, ranging from restaurant vouchers to a Stand -Up Paddle board, along with various Cully & Sully goodies.

To enter the competition, individuals can pick up one of Cully and Sully’s limited edition soup tubs and follow the instructions provided. Alternatively, they can visit the official website at

According to Colum O’Sullivan, also known as Sully, “We understand the immense challenges the hospitality industry has faced in recent years. Restaurants, cafés, hotels and pubs have suffered greatly, with many having to close their doors. The SOUPerb Awards aim to generate votes for a wide range of eateries and demonstrate the nation’s appreciation for this cherished industry.”

The McKennas, renowned food writers and experts, will place a special emphasis on sustainable practices during the search for the best chowder. They will look for dishes that utilize whole catch ingredients, resulting in minimal waste and transforming every component into delightful simplicity. In addition, the use of local ingredients, including seaweeds and foraged shoreline foods, will be highly valued.

“A proper chowder is a complete meal, served with only brown soda bread and butter. We seek to taste the freshest fish, a touch of smoked fish, a scattering of shellfish, and an umami flavour derived from proper stock. When we find all these elements, we know we have discovered the best Irish chowder, truly one of the finest bowls of food in the world,” explained the McKennas.

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