Quarter Block Party is back, and they’re searching for artists!

Fancy taking to the stage to share you work?

Quarter Block Party has been away for three years and they’re coming back this summer, to try something different. Something really communal and explorative. 

What began in 2015 as an answer by a team of DIY artists and volunteers to years of economic recession and diminishing opportunities for artists & creatives in Cork City, grew each year to become a proper festival.

A party which lit a spark every February while the days still felt short and cold. Reflecting on the freshness and newness of the early days of spring, Quarter brought young artists, new work, contemporary ideas and sparked conversation. That was the big idea. Conversations, and exchanging each other’s perspectives. 

Quarter Block Party is on the lookout for local artists

The Festival wants to gather everyone together in one place and build a stage where each person can showcase their ideas. Where you can try something fresh from your head, bring back something you never finished but have been thinking about intermittently when you’re in the shower. Something that starts a conversation or completely stops the show. A kind of open mic for all artforms.

Quarter would love to hear from YOU, share your work, share each other’s stories and begin to build a Quarter community of many perspectives and ideas. 

They have a large space, a PA, a backline for a band, microphones for singers and poets, and a dancefloor. They have room for circus performers, spoken word artists, storytellers and writers, dancers, drag queens. They have space for the introverts, the extroverts, the avant garde – maybe even the Gardai if they want to let out their inner freaks. Who knows?

They will have 30 performers, back to back, with approx 3 minutes each. You have the room’s attention – what do you want to do with it? Quarter will have an hour break for lunch, where everyone is invited to to eat together and start those conversations. You might meet your soulmate over a bowl of Dahl! 

Quarter invites friends of the festival, previous performers, strangers, artists, creatives, newcomers, relatives, old pals, friends of friends, all ages – young and old.  

Send the Festival a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to sign up.

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