Penneys are now selling their own cheaper unisex Dryrobe alternative

Did you jump on the sea-swimming bandwagon in Ireland over the last 18 months? If so, we’ve got some good news for you.

You’ve probably noticed a few people donning one of those cosy looking Dryrobes to keep them warm and dry after getting out of the water. The outdoor changing garment (which has gained a cult-like following in Ireland since the pandemic) allows the wearer to dry off and change out of their togs/wetsuit, all while keeping snug and warm at the beach.


It’s a useful product to say the least, but many of us simply can’t justify dropping €160 for an oversized, fleece-lined rain coat.

Thankfully, Penney’s have just released a new line of outdoor clothing collection, and it includes a Dryrobe alternative at a fraction of the cost. The ‘Black Borg Lined Long Coat’ is now available in Penney’s stores nationwide, retailing at €50.

Penney’s Black Borg Lined Long Coat
Penney’s Black Borg Lined Long Coat

The unisex garment, which is lined with fleece and goes past the knee, is sure to keep swimmers warm and dry while changing at the beach. The new collection includes menswear, womenswear, kids wear and even petwear, many of which is sustainable with pieces made from recycled polyester and lightweight thermal insulation.

The Dryrobe dupes are available now in Irish stores nationwide, while stocks last, and are expected to be on top of many peoples Christmas wish-lists this year.

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