Our list of the best places to get plant-based food in the city

Going vegan?

Cork has seen an influx of plant-based options around the city in recent years, with a lot of
places offering varied menus, or easy vegan substitutions.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just trying to eat more veg, here are our top spots for
delicious plant-based grub in Cork!

Malay Kitchen

With window seats to look out on the busy street and a good playlist always on in the
background, Malay Kitchen is the perfect place for a plant-based dinner. They have a full
vegan menu, and their dishes can be made with tofu or seitan. Amazing portion sizes, and
each dish has such flavour to it – you’ll be hooked! Malay Kitchen also has a location in
Kinsale, so whether you’re in the city or county, they’ve got you sorted!

Definitely try: Sweet chilli coconut with tofu. Add in a portion of chips as well for the craic.
And, to finish off, a caramel square that’s so good that any non-vegans in your life will
wonder how it’s so delicious.


This cosy spot on Castle Street has a fully vegetarian menu with plenty of plant-based
options as well. Serving up delicious Italian dishes with local and seasonal produce,
Sonflour’s focus on sustainability influences their approach to what they prepare in the
kitchen. The restaurant is so inviting that it feels like you’re in someone’s kitchen for a chill
evening meal.

Definitely try: Ravioli with their ‘Normal People’ sauce – stir-fried aubergine, caramelised
cherry tomatoes, pesto, walnuts, chilli flakes, and extra virgin olive oil.

The Saucy Cow

A recent addition to the Marina Market, The Saucy Cow is exactly how they describe
themselves in their Instagram bio: “Big. Dirty. Vegan.” Sometimes it’s nice to get a light
lunch or cook something yourself, but The Saucy Cow is there for when you’re craving a
saucy bitta takeaway. Burgers, wraps, loaded fries, and dips – they have it all. Look out for
the bright orange shipping container in the Marina Market; it’s hard to miss with the purple
and orange cow outside!

Definitely try: The salt & chilli tofu as a side is gorgeous and such a good combination with
their waffle fries.


As well as having a separate vegan menu, Koto has a separate gluten free menu, so they
really cater to many dietary requirements. Situated on Carey’s Lane, Koto Asian Kitchen &
Bar is a really lovely spot for both lunch and dinner. Friendly staff, chill vibes, amazing food – what more could you want? Their portion sizes are really good, so you definitely won’t go
home hungry! Why not try their teriyaki tofu, kabocha, or pad thai with tofu?

Definitely try: Khao pad with tofu and a side of chips – it hits the spot every single time.

Umi Falafel

You can never go wrong with falafel, and Umi Falafel has got you covered! The portion sizes
of their meals are really good; each dish is packed full of incredible flavours from spices,
herbs, and veg. It’s the perfect spot for lunch or to grab something to eat after work – their
menu has lots of student-friendly prices, so it’s also a great place to get something to eat in
between lectures!

Definitely try: The ‘Meal 1’ offer with the Palestinian falafel, a portion of batata hara (spiced
potato wedges), and a can of Coke. And definitely get the baklava for dessert!

Quay Co-Op

The Quay Co-Op has been a key location for vegetarian and plant-based food for many years
in Cork city. Serving lots of hearty dishes packed full of fruit and veg, Upstairs at the Quay
Co-Op is a lovely place for dinner overlooking the River Lee. Definitely a must-try for veggie-
focused dishes that support both your health and the local economy. A win-win situation!

Definitely try: They always have lovely specials to try from, so keep an eye out for them!

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