You can now get gourmet treats from Yumm Café in Cork city

Good news for sweet tooths in Cork city!

The insanely delicious Yumm Café has just teamed up with Three Fools Coffee, and it’s a partnership we couldn’t be more excited about.

Incase you didn’t know, Yumm Café is a relatively new coffee shop best known for their delicious, over-the-top desserts and sweet creations. Based in Kanturk, Yumm Café first opened its doors in September 2019 by owner Petra. Frustrated with the lack of options for gourmet treats in the area, Petra knew that Kanturk needed something different, and Yumm Café was born.

Two years later, Yumm has already built a massive following and has already been nominated for several awards, including Cork Business Awards and 96FM’s ‘Best Coffee in Cork’, something Petra is very proud of.

Yumm was initially open for breakfast and lunch, however once Covid hit, the café changed to takeaway only, and switched to primarily selling sweet treats. Petra focused solely on desserts and baking, and the café soon went viral for it’s over-the-top creations….take a look at some of these incredible concoctions!


Look tempting? Can’t make it to Kanturk? Well fear not, because Yumm has just teamed up with Three Fools Coffee who will now be selling some of these delicious treats straight out of their shop on Grand Parade.

Speaking to Craving Cork about the new partnership, Petra mentions:

“I started to supply 3 fools a few weeks ago. They contacted me last year too, but I was just too busy! I opened Yumm 2 years ago in September. I had lot of experience with cooking and baking and head full of ideas, so I eventually decided to go my own way. I built Yumm from scratch, making the place look exactly like I always imagined. I wanted to be different and I’m sure I was successful with my plan.”

“I’m very happy with what I do, I have amazing staff and great customers, and I’m always trying to bring something new into our menu.”

You can get a selection of these delicious treats in Cork city now, available at Three Fools Coffee on Grand Parade, or check out the full selection at Yumm Café in Kanturk, where they’re currently offering breakfast smoothies, vegan porridge, granola, French toast, waffles, chimney cakes and more.

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