Frozen rosé has just landed in Cork for the first time, and here’s where to get it

And if you haven’t had one before, you really are missing out.

Introducing your newest obsession for summer 2022: The Frozé.

Frozé (which is essentially a frozen rosé cocktail) first went viral back in 2016 over in the US. The origin of the delicious drink can be traced back to Bar Primi in New York, who were the first to develop their frozé recipe through trial & error during summer of that year, unknowingly creating one of the trendiest summer beverages in North America.

Flash forward six years later and frozés are now a bar stable in cities all across the globe, and they’re now being served in Cork for the first time ever at The Poor Relation (weak!)

First look at the new Frozé drinks at The Poor Relation

The bar is already home to some delicious frozen drinks and they wanted to try something new for summer ’22. Introducing frozé to the rebel county, Saoirse McCabe of the Poor Relation said she wanted to introduce this drink to Cork after years of living in California and seeing its popularity on the west Coast.

Unlike traditional frozen cocktails which tend to be on the sweeter side, the frozé is light, refreshing, and dry, making it the perfect drink for wine and rosé enthusiasts this summer. I don’t know about you, but I can definitely see myself sippin’ frozés in a beer garden on a hot summers day, and not to forget Live at the Marquee is back this weekend (just saying!)

You can try this delicious new drink for yourself over at The Poor Relation (and a little birdie tells us they’ll be available in their sister bar, Bodega, very soon!)

(Cover image via Food52)

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