The Marina Market has launched a drop-off orphanage for unwanted plants

This is a plantastic idea!

Has that jade plant you bought last year totally outgrown its surroundings? Are you dying to get rid of that cactus that you got from your secret Santa? Does the cat keep eating your fiddle leaf fig?

WAIT! Don’t throw them out! The kind folks over at Marina Market have just launched a new program called the Plant Orphanage. But how does it work?

If you have plants in your home that you want to get rid of (no matter how big or small) you can simply drop them off to the Plant Orphanage at Marina Market, where they will be taken care of and given plenty of nourishing space (because they’ve got plenty of it!)

All you have to do is look for the plant in the image below, located directly across from the Oak Fire Pizza and Toasted stalls, and you can simply leave your unwanted plant right next to it (you can also find any Marina Market staff for assistance).

They also offer a collection service for larger plants that are too big for you to transport. You can find the Plant Orphanage at Marina Market, located on Centre Park Road.

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