Ireland’s first Drag school will be launching in Cork this summer

“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

The Gay Project has just announced the launch of Ireland’s first Drag school programme, and it’s based in Cork!

Created in partnership with Cork Pride, ETB and St. John’s Central College, the 10-week course is aimed at those who want to create a ‘vibrant new drag persona’, as well as those who wish to take their existing drag skills to the next level.

The programme will be led by Cork drag royalty Mia Gold, and aims to enhance Cork’s long-standing history and contribution to the art of drag in Ireland. Participants of the course will learn valuable life skills, build their self confidence and enhance their personal development.

Cork drag Queen Mia Gold

The course is made up of 8 lessons, followed by a rehearsal week and ends with a ‘drag-uation’ and end of term performance night. Queens will learn everything from the history of drag in Cork, acting and comedy tutorials, to drag make-up, hair tutorials, character development, choreography, lip-synching and drag outfit styling and sewing.

Talking to Craving Cork about the new program, Queen Mia Gold mentions:

“The idea of starting a Drag School Programme was brought to me by a good friend and Community Development Worker at the Gay Project, Konrad Im. We thought it would be a fresh and exciting way to promote personal development for people in the LGBT+ community.

Gay Project, and our funders at Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival, Cork ETB and St John’s College have been a massive support with getting this going and helping develop this inclusive initiative.

Drag provides people with a fun and exciting way to explore who they are. Drag provided me with a fantastic platform to explore my own personality and has made me a stronger person. I’m really looking forward to offering that same opportunity to others, to teach, and to expand the drag scene in Cork/Ireland.”

Applicants must be aged 18 and over to enrol in the programme. For more details on how to apply, check out the Gay Project website.

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