Cork City Fire Brigade rescued a drowning dog from the River Lee last night

That’s what we call a pawsome river rescue!

The Cork City Fire Brigade came to the rescue of a tiny drowning pooch in the city centre last night.

A passerby heard cries coming from the River Lee at Lavitts Quay in the early hours of Monday night before spotting the Yorkshire Terrier in the water.

The Fire Brigade was called and quickly arrived and entered the river to save the tiny drowning pooch, who, according to the team, was very cold and very scared.

Announcing the news via Twitter, the Cork City Fire Brigade mentions:

“Another Pawsome river rescue was performed last night. Swift water rescue teams entered the river to help a very cold and scared dog who’s cries had been heard by a passer by. She is currently on her way to making a full recovery.”

Hats off to the lads for this incredible rescue!

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