Crêpe cakes are a thing, and here’s where you can get them in Cork

If crêpe cake-making was a sport, this Cork cafe would have a shelf full of gold trophies. These delicate and magnificent-looking cakes truly are a work of art, but what exactly are they?

A crêpe cake is made using over 20 layers of soft, paper thin crêpes, each layer sandwiched with sweet cream filling, and dusted with icing sugar. These delicate works of art are so soft that they break away with the slice of a spoon, and melt in the mouth, bursting with the most incredible flavours.

Tempted yet? Well now you can try some for yourself in Cork city. The hugely popular Sensei cafe now has a wide variety of tantalising crêpe cakes on offer to the people of Cork, and they look absolutely insane to be quite honest!

Crêpe cakes truly are a delicacy, as quite a lot of time and effort goes into the preparation. Each individual crêpe has to be panfried for approximately 3 minutes on each side, then laid out flat and layered with creme filling over twenty times.

The Filipino Café has five unique crêpe cake flavours to choose from, and they all sound equally delicious (our Craveourite is definitively the matcha!)

  • Rainbow
  • Matcha
  • Mango
  • Oreo
  • Taro

If crêpe cake cakes aren’t your thing, Sensei also has an extensive menu of tasty alternatives on offer, like sushi, fried chicken, pork belly, moon cakes, traditional Filipino breakfast, and the ever popular bubble tea. (They also serve up fresh Soma coffee to help wash it all down!)

Hungry yet? You can get your fix at 1 Mardyke Street, open Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm, and 12pm – 8pm on weekends.

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