A brand new corndog stall has just opened at Marina Market

You’re going to want to try one of these bad boys.

You’ve probably seen corndogs on TV but it’s very likely you’ve never actually tried one – well, now you can because a delicious new corndog stall has just opened at Marina Market.

And now if you’re wondering what on earth a corndog actually is, let us explain.

Originating in the US, a corndog is essentially a hot dog on a stick, covered in a thick layer of maize (corn) batter, deep fried and typically topped with sauces and toppings, and is often served in a hotdog bun.


Opening their stall for a soft launch at Marina Market over the bank holiday weekend, ‘Shloppy Dog’ is your new go-to for corndogs in Cork. Serving up staples such as the ‘Schloppy Joe’, each corndog will set you back around €5.

Choose from toppings like curry sauce, ketchup, southwest sauce, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce and more. You can find them serving from the bright red trailer at Marina Market from tomorrow (Thursday June 8th).

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