Cork’s Victorian Quarter just announced a 3-year partnership with Heineken

Their focus will be on sustainability and community development

The VQ, a community of businesses in Cork City Centre, has signed a three-year partnership with HEINEKEN Ireland, a global leader in the beverage industry, which operates a brewery in the heart of Cork.

This collaboration, rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability and community values, marks a strategic partnership that aims to contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the area.HEINEKEN’s decision to invest in the area comes from the recognition of The VQ’s ambitions, since becoming members of The VQ earlier this year.

The HEINEKEN Ireland brewery is located in the VQ designated area and the company has a strong track record of being embedded in the local community in Cork and is keen to support further initiatives that align with its brand values and contribute to the betterment of the community.

Attendees of The VQ’s Green Network Event hosted at HEINEKEN.

“As a large business operating in The VQ designated area, HEINEKEN Ireland is delighted to become a partner of The VQ as we support the group’s ambition.,” said Barbara-Anne Richardson, Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager with HEINEKEN Ireland. “What has been achieved to date is admirable, as the group works to create a destination that delivers a strong cultural experience in the most sustainable way,” she added.

The partnership follows HEINEKEN’s recent decision to become a member of The VQ community, signifying its dedication to fostering positive change within its local community in Cork City Centre.

The VQ’s aim to establish itself as Ireland’s leading climate neutral business district will receive significant support and knowledge from HEINEKEN, as sustainability is one of the company’s core values.

“The HEINEKEN brewery is rooted in the storied history of Cork City and also points to a sustainable future through its Brew a Better World programme,” said Shane Clarke, Director of Operations, The VQ. “Our partnership will accelerate the VQ’s destination development ambitions and help us deliver on our #Net-Zero and urban greening objectives. Civic and community pride at its best.”

HEINEKEN Ireland has a proud history of brewing in Cork, as James J. Murphy and his brothers founded the Lady’s Well brewery on Leitrim Street in 1856. HEINEKEN’s support will be allocated to contribute to the overall enhancement of The VQ aiding in the area’s destination development. This includes efforts to establish the VQ as Cork’s premier dining, cultural, and visitor neighbourhood.

The intention is to foster a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, ultimately elevating the experience for both residents and visitors. HEINEKEN and The VQ are excited about the positive impact this collaboration will have on the community and look forward to the continued growth and vibrancy of the area.

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