New Cork modelling agency aims to promote body positivity

A new Cork modelling agency has just launched, and it aims to represent to most underrepresented people in the modelling industry.

Melanin‘s motto states “You’re beautiful, just the way you are”, and they aim to redefine society’s typical beauty standards by enforcing the beauty that radiates from within.

The agency adopts a strict ‘come as you are’ policy, recruiting models on their own individual merit with no prejudice irrespective of race, age, sexual orientation or religion. They strive to normalise feeling positive about oneself despite the shade of your skin, height, weight or other variables that make a person unique.

Their goal is to influence the way the world portrays a typical model, and ultimately impacting the way the future generation see’s themselves.

Melanin already have 20 models on their books, and have a further 30 on the waiting list.

You can apply to be part of the new Cork modelling agency, Melanin, via their website here.

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