Cork entrepreneur has created a unique ‘healing journal’ for women

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Lisa Maria Thompson, founder of The Book Her launched her very own journal earlier this month which she calls ‘The Healing Journal’. The Book Her is a new Cork-based brand which celebrates the female mind and body, seeking to capture the abundance of strength and power that each women has within them.

Lisa’s first edition journal, ‘The Healing Journal’ is a bespoke 12-week journal which aims to teach women about emotional resilience, helping them to understand and manage their emotions. The journal helps guide the user toward the path of transformation, to ultimately become the most empowered, fulfilled version of themselves.

Lisa, a life coach in neuroscience, has included daily pages within the journal to awaken self-love and care for oneself, and to remind the reader of how resilient they truly are. The journal also contains inspirational quotes to remind the reader of their personal journey and how strong they are beneath the surface.

Speaking to Craving Cork about the launch, Lisa mentions:

“The creation of the brand came from a personal place. I once upon a time was in a place of pain and peril and desperately needed something to guide me through the fog I found myself trapped in. I created The Book Her, to create a community for women to join together and rediscover themselves. The creation of  The Healing Journal followed as my first edition journal, as it was once something my past self was in need of. The Healing Journal is now a place I have created for women to come to and find themselves once again, as I have.  

“The Healing Journal was designed in detail by me to celebrate the female mind and body, to understand ones emotional mind and control their emotional behaviour/reactions. It is full of simple tools and reminders to showcase to women their strength and capabilities to overcome whatever situations life may bring ones way.  The Journal is also a beacon of strength for the user as it guides the user to take care of themselves when going through both the good times and times of peril.”

The Healing Journal comes in bespoke hardback with raw linen colour thread sewn pages, non-bleed luxury recycled paper, and pink silk thread ribbon. It’s available for purchase for €30 via The Book Her website, or at The Book Her popup store at the Marina Market.

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