New Cork clothing brand lets you match outfits with your partner and mini-me

Now you can get a matching tracksuit and set of fleeces for your parter and baby. Sign us up!

Cork native Amy Davis got the inspiration for her clothing brand, Sons.wear after giving birth to her little boy, Sonny back in 2019. Speaking to Craving Cork, Amy mentions “after having Sonny, I got the inspiration to create a one-stop shop for fashionable clothing for all ages, gender and size.

“The idea behind Sons.wear came from the concept of having a trendy gender neutral family clothing collection in as many body types as possible. Often mini-me brands are classified as ‘cheesy’, but we’ve really kept our styles high fashion without compromising on quality or price. We use neutral colour palettes throughout because we wanted dads to match with their little girls, and moms to match with their little boys. We want to be recognised as being as diverse as possible, with each piece being ethically made for you and your mini.”

Starting at six months old and ranging from size small to XL in men and women’s, this new ethical Cork clothing brand allows you to match with your mini’s as a couple, which was the core ingredient for the creation of Sons.wear.

The brand currently has matching tracksuits for men, women and kids in two different colour options, and has just announced the launch of a new line of unisex fleeces, dropping on Sunday, September 5th.

Sons.wear is dedicated to doing its best to reduce the carbon footprint, and uses 100% eco-friendly packaging, eco cards, mailers and frosted zipper bags, and they aim to be fully sustainable in all aspects of the business further down the line.

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