Four baby cheetah cubs have just been born at Fota

And they’re the cutest things we’ve ever seen!

Fota Wildlife Park has just welcomed the arrival of four adorable cheetah cubs, and visitors to the park are in for a treat!

The Cork wildlife park has long been known for its conservation efforts and breeding programs, and the birth of the four cubs is a significant milestone for the crew.

The four cubs, who were born earlier this Spring have been thriving under the watchful eye of their mother Gráinne and father Sam. Cheetahs are an endangered species, and the arrival of the four cubs is a boost to conservation efforts to protect this magnificent animal.

Mother Grainne with her cubs (Picture: Darragh Kane)

Visitors to Fota Wildlife Park have the opportunity to see the cheetah cubs up close and personal at the park’s cheetah run enclosure. This enclosure is the perfect place to watch the cubs play and explore, as they develop their natural hunting and survival skills.

The arrival of the four cheetah cubs is not only an exciting opportunity for visitors to the park but also a significant achievement in Fota Wildlife Park’s conservation efforts. The park’s breeding programs play an essential role in protecting and preserving endangered species, and the birth of the cubs is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the park’s staff.

You can catch a glimpse of the new cubs today over at Cheetah Hill at Fota Wildlife Park.

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