US folk supergroup Bonny Light Horseman filmed a music video in this West Cork pub

The video was recorded live at Levis’ Corner House, Ballydehob

Bonny Light Horseman, the acclaimed trio made up of Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman, have released a new single, ‘When I Was Younger’, produced by Kaufman and recorded at Levis’ Corner House in Ballydehob, west Cork.

The song is released alongside a video filmed on location by Jason Lee, Donal Scannell, and Colm Rooney, and credits the ‘Levis’ Town Chorus’ on backing vocals. ‘When I Was Younger’ encapsulates the rich musical heritage and intimate atmosphere that define both the venue and the band. 

“There’s a whole genre of trad songs with this ‘domestic frustration’ sentiment, like ‘Single Girl Married Girl,’ ‘Wish I Was A Single Girl Again,’ etc,” the band comment (Photo via Jason Lee)

Levis’, a century-old family run pub, nestled in the heart of the picturesque seaside village of Ballydehob, has long been a cultural hub and haven for artists and musicians alike.

With its warm, inviting atmosphere and unwavering support for local talent, the venue has become synonymous with rich, authentic music experiences. The venue’s rustic charm and intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the raw emotion and authenticity inherent in Bonny Light Horseman’s sound.

Commenting on the new release, the band mentions:

“This song is inspired by those, but we wanted to write it as a duet, to tell two sides of a story. We recorded it live, so you can hear coughing, cars, and the whole audience did that wordless wail with us in the middle.

“It felt like a primal collective shake-off. Next morning we were collecting our things from the pub and the owner Joe was out front in flip-flops sweeping up the cigs from the street singing, ‘When I was younger, I used to dress fancy…’”

Check out the music video below:

Bonny Light Horseman share deep-rooted connections to Cork. The group landed there last September on invitation from Sounds from a Safe Harbour Festival Director Mary Hickson, and they hopped in a van west following their headline concert with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra – a show described by Anaïs described as “a full-circle event”:

Levis Corner House have a busy calendar of gigs each week. Earlier this month they hosted singer songwriter Niamh Regan, and the audience were treated to a surprise impromptu performance from Niamh and Grammy-nominated Icelandic artist Olafur Arnalds. In the coming weeks enjoy gigs over the shop counter from Eve Clague, Seamus Fogarty, Patrick stefan, The Kates, Oisín Leech, and Rhob Cunningham, + many more.

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