Into art? There’s an exciting exhibition taking place in Carrigaline this Sunday

The exhibition features works from emerging artists from The Mary Murphy School of Art.

If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of art and painting, then this new exhibition will be right up your alley.

Taking place this Sunday May 28th at 7pm, ‘Hot Brushes Art Exhibition’ is a celebration of emerging artists from The Mary Murphy School of Art at the Owenabue Arts Collective (OAC) Centre, a vibrant, creative hub in the heart of Carrigaline which brings together local expertise in arts and community engagement to foster collaboration and spark new initiatives.

The 34 OAC members manage and run this social enterprise, an Arts Centre, Gallery and Craft Shop on a voluntary basis. The creative centre provides the chance to explore the visual arts, creativity and colour locally without the need to head to Cork City.

OAC in Carrigaline

Speaking to Craving Cork, Mary Murphy of the OAC mentions:

“Since our creation as a group, we have renovated and revitalised four town centre locations,
held countless successful Exhibitions and collaborated with Cork County Council and local
community groups on a number of initiatives and projects.

Our artists have created town murals, run art workshops in every art discipline, everything from Ceramics to candle making.. We are proud and honoured to have been invited onto the committee planning the new Civic Cultural Town Building becoming a voice for the arts in Carrigaline.

Our outreach program has been ambitious from the start including Art on the Rails,book signings, CD launches, talks on Mayan Culture, natural remedies and art history. We hosted the Guidel twinning celebrations here at the Gallery and presently three of our artists are exhibiting there this very week. Our members spearheaded the committee on the Culture Night Festivities for the past two years, successfully managing a program of 20 diverse events.”

This new exhibition is entitled ‘Hot Brushes’, a tongue in cheek title for the emerging local artists’ first joint foray which embodies the fun spirit in which this group created together all year.

Expect stunning seascapes, landscapes and intimate portraits in every hue and colour at this exciting exhibition from oil paintings to acrylics and pastels. The proceedings will be officially opened by Cllr Ben D’Alton deputising for the County Mayor Cllr Danny Collins along with a guest appearance by drag queen Mia Gold.

Starting at 7pm this coming Sunday the 28th, the exhibition will continue for three weeks. Refreshments will also be served on the opening night and the gallery is located on the Bridge at the heart of Carrigaline. Call 086 3220 336 for more information.

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