Cork will be getting a brand new annual Rory Gallagher music festival

It’s a great day for music fans as Cork City Council has agreed to establish an annual Rory Gallagher music festival, following a motion put forward by councillor Shane O’Callaghan, stating that he would “work with the local hospitality sector to establish and fund an annual Rory Gallagher Music Festival in Cork”.

Such a festival would be a fantastic asset to the hospitality sector as it would attract music fans to the city on a given weekend every year, similar to the Cork Jazz festival, whilst recognising Rory Gallagher’s legacy in Cork.

Talks are in place for hosting parts of the festival in Cork’s Huguenot Quarter, with events taking place in none other than Rory Gallagher Place. Speaking at the council meeting earlier this week, Shane O’Callaghan said:

“I am aware that there already is a Rory Gallagher Music Festival in Ballyshannon but having said that, I think there’s enough room for two, such is the stature of the man. He was a legendary blues and rock guitarist and singer – arguably one of the greatest guitarists of all time.” 

This news couldn’t have come at a better time as another potential bank holiday is on the cards for Ireland, which would mean another great music festival weekend to look forward to if all goes according to plan!

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