A Cork psychotherapist created a QR code diary to help people practice self-care

Bethan O’Riordan, a psychotherapist from Cork has created a unique new QR code diary to help people integrate self-care into their daily lives.

Created and printed here in Cork by Carrig Print, the diary is a culmination of Bethan’s 15 years’ experience working with individuals, helping them to create change in their lives.

Mixing technology with expertise, Bethan has cleverly integrated QR codes in key areas of the diary. When the reader scans the QR code on their smart phone, a captioned video will appear, helping the reader to really make the changes they are looking to achieve in life.

It’s both practical and insightful as it’s not only a place to keep the important dates and times, it also helps people to make realistic plans for their self-care. The QR code Diary takes the reader through a very simple 3 step process in order to help people create the life they want to live:

  • Step 1: Organising your mind
  • Step 2: What do you need & enjoy?
  • Step 3: Planning for you

Speaking to Craving Cork today about the diary, Bethan mentions:

“The diary helps the reader create the life they want to live so that life is is balance. Alongside the text are captioned videos embedded into QR Codes helping people make sense of their lives a little more.”

Bethan works by helping people to understand their ‘internal reservoir’, how to map out life and how to go with the flow. Her goal for this diary is to help people simplify life and help people work out what they need, and how to fit this into their lives, so that they are number 1. 

“When we are #1 in our lives, we are at our very best to ourselves and those around us.”

The diary, which would make for the perfect stocking filler this Christmas, is available to purchase now on Bethan’s website for €27.99 over at BethanORiordan.com.

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