A helpful new website has just launched for Ukrainian refugees in Cork

The new site aims to link Ukrainian refugees with information and offers of help across the county

www.pryvitcork.ie is a new website which aims to provide a one-stop information hub for Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Cork. 

Going live this week, the website will provide links to information and offers of employment, housing, education, local sports clubs, aid organisations and lots of practical information about living in Ireland. The website allows companies and individuals to easily upload offers of products or services that they would like to make available to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Pryvit Cork means ‘Hello Cork’ and the  bilingual website, for now, is focused on the Cork region and will link businesses, organisations and locals offering help to the thousands of Ukrainian refugees who have been arriving over the last couple of months. 

Screenshot of the new site

The site has been created by Cork-based marketing agency Dyjaho, with the help and input from some of the main agencies who are coordinating Cork’s response to the refugee emergency, Cork City Council, Cork Business Association, Cork Chamber of Commerce and local aid agencies. 

Commenting on the project, Managing Director of Dyjaho Pat Kierans said: “As a team, we were really keen to find a way to make a contribution to Cork’s response to this awful situation, something practical, using the skills that we have, and what we came up with was the  website idea – a bilingual portal for Cork companies and individuals to publish their offers of products and services and for Ukrainian refugees to avail of them.”

Hopefully the site will be helpful to those people and businesses who also want to do their bit.”

If you can help with the Pryvit Cork project, you can email the team at Hello@dyjaho.ie with the subject line ‘Pryvit Cork’. 

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