Paladar has been shortlisted as one of the best new cocktail bars in Europe

Fantastic news for the new cocktail spot!

Brand new Latin-American inspired cocktail bar Paladar has received a prestigious award for its exceptional cocktail menu.

The bar has only been around for the last 6 months and has just been listed among the Top 10 Best International Cocktail Bars in Europe at the 2023 Spirited Awards, a well-respected ceremony that recognizes excellence in the global spirits and cocktail industry.

Paladar has gained a reputation for its innovative and creative approach to mixology, using local and seasonal ingredients to create unique and flavorful cocktails. The restaurant’s skilled bartenders have also won acclaim for their exceptional service and ability to create bespoke drinks that cater to each individual’s taste.

the bar at Paladar on Bridge street

Commenting on the announcement, Paladar mentions:

“Thanks to anyone who’s popped in for a cocktail (and) a bite to eat or a dance over the last six months. Huge thanks to our amazing team for all their hard work and energy. We’ve found an incredible bunch of characters from Latin America, Ireland and even an adorable French man who pretty much makes Paladar what it is.”

Paladar’s recognition in the Spirited Awards is a source of pride not only for the restaurant but also for Cork’s food and drink scene as a whole. The city has become renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, and we couldn’t be happier for the team over on Bridge street.

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