Netflix are adding these 10 BIG season follow-ups to get you through Autumn/Winter

Darker evenings, falling leaves and damp weather can only mean one thing: cosy nights (and countless hours) spent in front of the telly, binging our favourite shows.

Deciding what to watch can sometimes prove itself to be a difficult task. We’ve all been there, flicking through countless TV shows and movies, and ending up rewatching The Office for the 100th time.

Thankfully for us, Netflix have just blessed us all by announcing 10 incredible shows to be added to their Autumn/Winter schedule. With releases like a Tiger King S2, You S3 and Emily in Paris S3, we truly are spoiled for choice this year!

So, get your jammies on, dim the lights and grab the popcorn and take a look at our roundup of the 10 shows due to arrive to our screens shortly:

1. You Season 3

Arriving October 15

2. Locke & Key Season 2

Arriving October 22

3. Narcos: Mexico S3

Arriving November 5

4. Big Mouth S5

Arriving November 5

5. Tiger King S2

Arriving November 17

6. Cowboy Bepop S1

Arriving 19 November

7. Money Heist Pt 5 Vol 2

Arriving December 3

8. The Witcher S2

Arriving December 17

9. Emily in Paris S2

Arriving December 22

10. Cobra Kai S4

Arriving December 31

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