Someone in North Cork didn’t pay their car tax for over 3 years, and got caught

That’s 1,332 days, to be precise. Yikes!

Gardaí were performing a routine checkpoint in Fermoy on Wednesday morning when they came across a driver who hadn’t paid their car tax for over three and a half years.

Using the new Mobility App, the Gardaí were able to tell instantly that the tax had been expired for 1,332 days in total, and the vehicle was seized on the spot. Taking to social media to share the news, the Gardaí advise road drivers “not to take the risk” as it could end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Mobility App showing car taxi expiry

The post also mentioned that Kia Sportage jeep will be returned to its owner once the outstanding 1,332 days tax has been paid, along with the towing fees.

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