The Franciscan Well is back in full swing with beer festivals, trad sessions & more!

And we love to see it!

The home of craft beer in Cork city since 1998, the Franciscan Well bar has launched their 2022 plans and the community is nestled right at the heart of it.

Speaking to Craving Cork, Marketing Manager Kate Clancy mentions “It’s been a long road for everyone over the last couple of years. Our focus has been on surviving but now we want to bring memorable moments and experiences back to the centre of what we do.”

The Franciscan Well bar has played host to some of Ireland’s longest running beer festivals, and the year 2022 will see a return in one popular festival, with some slight changes to comply with regulations.  

“The core of what we do lies in our beer festivals, not only for bringing other Irish craft breweries together but to bring the beer community in Cork together”, continues Kate.

Franciscan Well beer garden (via Discover Ireland)

Other events in the lineup include community book swaps, singles night, open mic nights for local artists, tasting sessions from local distillers. The bar is also now hosting weekly trad sessions every Wednesday and weekly Jazz sessions on Sundays, and they couldn’t be happier about the return to normality.

The Franciscan Well’s, MONK, cocktail bar will also be getting in on the theme with a new menu that will be promoting ‘ Retro Serves’ with a twist.

“We want a nostalgic appeal in our new menu. It will contain all the classics such as cosmopolitans and martinis but with a twist of only using local spirits that can provide a story to the cocktails giving them a sense of place”, says Kate.

The Well will also be kicking off their tourism season this month, focusing on brewery driven travel with Brewery tours and beer tastings running daily at 5pm.

Open 7 days a week, the bar serves up an array of local craft beers, spirits and cocktails. Food is provided by Pompeii Pizza who serve a unique thin based pizza using the finest Italian type-00 flour in the dough while also milling their own flour on site.

Beers and pizzas are available for local and national delivery via For more information or to book a table, email and to keep up to date on their upcoming events follow @franciscanwellbrewery.

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