You can take an electric bike + hike tour through the Galtee woods & mountains

Honestly, sign me up!

Searching for something different to do this weekend? Craving some fresh air in the great outdoors? Look no further, because this e-bike + hike could be right up your alley.

Situated in Mitchelstown, this e-bike + hike tour is a truly unique experience. Starting at the base of the Galteee mountains, about an hour’s drive from Cork city, you will begin the tour aboard your personal electronic bike through the Galtee woods.

After this, you’ll begin the hike up the Galtee Mountains, the highest inland mountain range in Ireland. This section of the journey will be part bike, part hike, and the bikes provided are Rad Rhino fat tyre electric bikes with plenty of torque to help you up the hills and enjoy the downhills. 

A healthy vegan/vegetarian lunch will be provided on your trip, along with hot coffee and water bottles and, if you’re interested in getting the full experience, they also provide wooden yurts and converted horse trucks which sleep up to four and can be booked separately on Airbnb.

The tour will be provided by Bryce, an experienced cyclist with a passion for all things outdoors:

“I am a passionate cyclist, having toured through 50 odd counties. I ran overland truck tours in Australia and Africa ranging from 2 – 11 weeks. We now run a glamping site up in the Galtee Mountains accommodating up to 8 people.

The new technology of electric off road bikes really excites me. The ease and fun of cruising through beautiful Irish forest and mountain trails is my new hobby. The hiking in the Galtee Mts, in my opinion, rivals the Kerry mountains without the crowds.”

The package starts at €49 per person, and this includes a guided tour, electronic bike, lunch, coffee and water. Sound interested? Check out their page here to make a booking.

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