‘Brunch chips’ exist, and here’s where you can get them in Cork

We didn’t know we needed them, until right now.

Honestly, it’s brunch, and chips. Together. What’s not to love?

The talented folks over at 51 Cornmarket have come up with a dish so mouth-wateringly good, we just can’t stop thinking about it. Behold: Brunch Chips.

The tasty concoction is made using proper Irish spuds which have been dried and twice cooked at different temperatures for the perfect golden crispy edges, and topped with a perfectly poached, local free range egg.

The chips are then smothered in hollandaise sauce, which is made using only the finest Cork butter and the same free range egg yolks, and topped with a bacon crumb (the OG of crumbs at 51 Cornmarket, apparently) and a sprinkle of chopped chive to finish it all off.

Take. My. Money.

Speaking to Craving Cork about the dish, owner of 51 Cornmarket Anne Zagar said the dish is ‘ridiculous’, and the only way to beat a hangover:

“At 51 we’re always trying to think just a little differently about food and the development of dishes. We want to make food that you can’t eat quick enough! The Brunch Chips came about in the takeaway mode of lockdown and was a bit of a eureka moment. In the kitchen we always make ‘service snacks’ and this idea just came about!”

Tempted yet? You can try Brunch Chips out for yourself over at 51 Cornmarket located at (you guessed it), 51 Cornmarket Street. They’re open Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm, and from 10am-3pm on Saturdays. Call 0830102321 for bookings mid-week, and it’s walk-ins only on Saturdays.

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