This Cork gal has just set up a new community for sober women

Introducing: Boozeless Beurs

Are you sick and tired of going out every weekend and getting plastered? Do you want to become part of a sober community without having to join AA? Well, look no further, because Cork just got a brand new group for sober females.

Launched by Cork-native Chloe, who’s recently given up alcohol in search of a better life, the very aptly named ‘Boozeless Beurs’ was created and it aims to foster a sober community of women to connect and create new relationships.

Speaking to Craving Cork about the new group, Chloe mentions:

“I personally decided to stop drinking as I could see how much better my life could be without it and I know there’s so many other women who feel the same who have already stopped drinking or they are interested in doing so – the community will enable those who don’t feel places like AA or other groups like it or needed or necessary but want to connect with other sober women & create new relationships.

Of course those in AA or other programs are welcome – the community is just very simply for sober & sober curious women, the only rule is that you need to be sober when you come to any events or meet ups.

Boozeless Beurs group founder Chloe

There’s many pages like it for all of Ireland however Boozeless Beurs is the first cork based group. My focus will solely be on running such events in cork. 

“Since quitting alcohol I’ve noticed how there is nothing happening in Cork to purposefully help bring other sober people together, and as a woman I would love to be able to connect with other sober women. It gives us the opportunity and space to forge new friendships & support as we navigate sobriety in a drunk country.”

Chloe will be hosting her first meet-up on Sunday 10th of September from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Myo Cafe. The meet ups are free of charge and the only rule is that you need to be sober when attending.

If you would like to know more about Boozeless Beurs, head over to their brand new Instagram account here for info on events and meet-ups.

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