Cork city just got a brand new €1 million wellness & aesthetics clinic

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A new €1m clinic that offers a unique approach to wellness and aesthetic treatments has opened its doors in the heart of the city at Penrose House, Penrose Quay, resulting in the creation of 10 new jobs in Cork.  

aNuMe Medical is a cutting-edge, medical led, all-encompassing aesthetic and wellness clinic, providing bespoke treatment packages for women and men of all ages. Holding their official clinic launch on Wednesday night April 26th aided by RTÉ’s Maura Derrane, aNuMe’s focus is on the patient’s overall health and wellbeing.  

Each client will have individual assessments and bespoke care packages designed for them under the guidance of well-known and respected medical, aesthetic, wellness and cosmetic experts, who will all work collaboratively towards each patient’s individual health and well-being.  

The new clinic on Penrose Warf

The clinic is the concept of internationally recognised medical expert and key opinion leader, Professor Barry O’Reilly. Over his extensive career, spanning three decades, Prof. O’Reilly has significant medical expertise in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and female pelvic floor dysfunction.  He has practised across several hospitals at home and abroad throughout his career and is currently serving Cork hospitals and patients in the Cork and Munster region. 

Supported by their highly skilled doctors, nurses and clinic team, joining Professor O’Reilly as Co-Clinic Directors of aNuMe Medical are; Mr. John Curran, a leading Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, well-known Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr. Karruppiah Mahalingam and CEO and Founder of ECAMS (European Collage of Aesthetic Medicine) Ms. Pyn Lim.   

Prof. O’Reilly explains that the nucleus of the aNuMe Medical Clinic’s philosophy is collaborative patient-focused care, with an emphasis on the importance of helping patients to become a renewed version of themselves, inside and out – or “a new me” as the clinic suggests.

“For me, setting up aNuMe Medical is about creating a bespoke wellness package tailored precisely to a person’s specific needs, not only on the outside, but also on the inside, which is what sets aNuMe apart from the one-off options available in most aesthetic clinics.  

“We believe we are the first hybrid clinic in Ireland, bringing together a diverse team of medical and healthcare specialists who are passionate about delivering the highest standards in aesthetics and wellness.”

He added: “Over the last ten years I have been offering transvaginal laser therapy for the different pelvic floor issues that many women experience after childbirth. The particular laser equipment that I have chosen for the ANuMe clinic is unique in Ireland and has many other different therapy options including a non-surgical facelift, and offers non-needle/non-filler facial and lip enhancement”.

Many other exciting applications have been developed using the same laser technology, such as the treatment of snoring, tightening of abdominal muscles, scar removal, rosacea and thread vein therapy and removal of benign pigmented skin lesions.  

From surgical and non-invasive treatments for face, body, skin and joints, to wellness solutions, menopause and intimate hormonal health packages, aNuMe Medical caters to all, with GP referrals optional but not necessary. 

Bespoke treatments and collaborative assessments include:  

·         Surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatments for face, body,and skin  

·         All-encompassing mental and physical wellness packages   

·         Menopause and hormonal health therapies  

·         “Mummy make-over” packages and solutions for intimate health issues such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and vaginal looseness. 

·         Regenerative biological treatment packages for skin and painful joints  

aNuMe Medical’s Cork clinic in Penrose House is the flagship clinic in Ireland, and Professor O’Reilly said he believes there is scope for rapid expansion across the south-west of Ireland to Limerick and Galway, as well as Dublin, with further potential to expand the brand internationally.    

To book a consultation or for further information on aNuMe Medical see;

email: or  telephone (021) 2012196.

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