Abbey Theatre production ‘Tartruffe’ is coming to Cork next week

The dramatic, witty and edgy version of Molière’s classic, written by Frank McGuinness.

The Abbey Theatre brings this new, adapted version of Molière’s Tartuffe by Frank McGuinness to the Cork Opera House next week.

In this spectacular dramatic comedy, the villainous Tartuffe shocks and enthrals with his deceptive powers. Charming to some, a danger to others, one family risks losing everything if he gets his way. 

An Abbey Theatre production, this new version of Molière’s Tartuffe by Frank McGuinness is directed by Caitríona McLaughlin. A 17th century classic, given an audacious contemporary makeover – where truth faces off with deceit, who has the last laugh? 

Scene from Tartruffe (image via Ros Kavanagh)

Tartuffe, a sanctimonious scoundrel who, professing extreme piety, is taken into the household of Orgon, a wealthy man. Under the guise of ministering to the family’s spiritual and moral needs, he almost destroys Orgon’s family. Elmire, Orgon’s wife sees through Tartuffe’s wicked hypocrisy and exposes him. 

Like Tartuffe, and much like it was four hundred years ago when the play was originally set, we ostentatiously perform our virtue, doing so today on social media. Like the man Tartuffe dupes in the play, Orgon, we are blinded by admiration for those that perform their virtue the most dazzlingly.  

The show runs at the Cork Opera House from Tuesday May 09th – Saturday May 13th. Tickets start at €20 plus booking fee and can be purchased via the Cork Opera House website here.

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