7 of Cork’s best sea swim & sauna sessions to hit up this weekend

Trust us, you’ll feel rejuvenated after one of these.

Ah, the coveted sea swim and sauna. If you’ve tried this before, then you’ll understand the unmistakeable experience of feeling truly alive and at one with Mother Nature during these immersive sessions.

The concept of a seaside sauna has been around for decades but they’ve only recently grown popular in Cork, and now every seaside town seems to have one. But what exactly are they, you ask?

Typically constructed from natural materials such as wood, beach saunas often come in the form of little mobile sheds placed next to a beach. They often feature large windows that provide stunning views of the surrounding seaside while allowing natural light to flood in.

Once inside, visitors can enjoy the soothing heat of the sauna, which is typically generated by a wood-burning stove. The heat helps to detoxify the body, increase circulation, and reduce stress, leaving visitors feeling refreshed and energised.

Visitors typically start off with a refreshing dip in the sea, followed by a fairly swift sprint back to the sauna where they’ll warm up and sweat for about 15 minutes before running back into the sea. This process is usually repeated 3-4 times over the space of an hour/half an hour.

So, now that that’s out of the way, here’s a roundup of our favourite seaside saunas in Cork:

1. Wild Wellness Collective

Located next to the beach in Garretstown, the Wild Wellness sauna is probably one of the most impressive sauna’s we’ve ever seen. They recently upgraded to a massive ‘beast’ sauna, which can fit an entire hurling team and even has a separate changing area and a massive panoramic window overlooking the sea. After your session, you can also grab a coffee + açai bowl from the Bean & Berry truck next door. Sessions start at €10 per person for a shared experience and you can book on their site here.

2. The Sauna Snugg

This seaside sauna is located at Garrylucas beach in Garretstown. Owned by a young couple with a passion for wellness, this new mobile sauna is perfect for smaller groups, and also has a shower option if you’re not brave enough for a sea dip. Prices start at €10 for a shared session and can be booked here.

3. My Hot Spot

If you’re headed out East this weekend, then be sure to check out My Hot Spot. Located on Redbarn Strand in Youghal, the traditional My Hot Spot sauna offers both private and shared sessions along with Sunrise Yoga sessions and ice baths. Prices start at €10 per person for a shared sauna session. Bookings can be made here.

4. The Sweat Sanctuary

Located on Inch beach in East Cork and established just under a year ago, the sweaty sanctuary offers both private and shared sauna sessions and is open from Friday – Sunday. Prices start at €10 for a shared session and can be booked in advance here.

5. Happy Place Saunas

Located at Fountainstown beach along the south coast, Happy Place Saunas is another great addition to the list. They offer both private and shared sessions starting at (you guessed it) €10 per person per shared session and are open Friday – Sunday. Click here to book.

6. The Balmy Barrel

If you happen to veer out whesht this weekend, be sure to hit up The Balmy Barrel for your seaside sauna session. Fun fact: they also do an after hours full moon sauna + swim session once a month, so keep an eye on their Instagram page for updates. Prices start at €10 per person for a shared session and can be booked via WhatsApp on 085 1013 648.

7. Swede Sauna

If you’re headed south west this weekend and you’re in the mood for a refreshing dip + sweaty sauna experience, head over top the Swede Sauna. Located at Robert’s Cove, Swede Sauna offers a traditional style beach suane and also offers beach yoga in collaboration with Sacred Body Studio. Prices start at €10 and can be booked here.

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