5 surprisingly fun Cork tourist attractions that you’ve probably never done

Let’s face it, how many of us have honestly done the cliché touristy attractions in our own hometown? You’d be surprised at how many Cork natives have never been to Blarney Castle; one of our most popular Cork tourist attractions!

We’ve compiled a list of surprisingly fun tourist attractions and spots in Cork city and county (you’ll enjoy them, we promise!)

1. Blarney Castle & Gardens

This one might seem like a pretty obvious first choice, but have you ever actually been here? Take a tour of the ancient Blarney Castle, kiss the Blarney Stone, get lost in the beautifully kept gardens, stumble across the fern forrest and get a selfie in front of one of the most Instagrammable buildings in Cork; Blarney House.

2. Elizabeth Fort

Did you know there was an ancient star-shaped fort in the middle of Cork city? No? We didn’t either. Hidden away on Barracks Street, just past Alchemy Coffee, lies Elizabeth Fort. Enjoy stunning guided walks overlooking the city centre while you discover the history of Cork city.

3. Cork City Goal

This large castle-style gaol, which once held 19th century prisoners, is one of the major tourist attractions in Cork. Visitors get a fascinating insights into day-to-day life as a prisoner, back at a time when the high walls ensured no escape.

4. The Donkey Sanctuary

Did you know there was a Donkey Sanctuary in Cork? Home to over 130 rescued donkeys and mules, Knockardbane is nestled amongst the beautiful hillsides, just outside Liscarroll village. Admission is free, and you get to tour the beautiful walkways and pet the friendly donkeys.

5. Spike Island After Dark Tour

OK, so this is technically another prison, but the After Dark tour is definitely something different! Once the largest prison world, the Spike Island After Dark tour lets you roam the abandoned corridors, sit in a solitary confinement cell, and discover how ‘Irelands Hell’ was a prison built with the sole purpose of punishing human beings. Did we mention that you get to ride a boat to get there?!

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