12,000 coloured balls will be rolled down Patrick’s Hill next week

Let’s get the ball rolling.

After two long years, the famous Patrick’s Hill Ball Run is finally back, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But what exactly is it, you ask?

Every year, the Cork Lions Club organises this exciting event, which see’s over 12,000 coloured balls released from a cage down Patrick’s Hill. Each ball has its own unique number, and spectators can purchase a ball for just €2.

The balls quickly make their way down the almost vertical hill, and are guided all the way down into a trap at the bottom. The first 6 balls into the trap win a prize (1st prize = €500, 2nd = €300, 3rd = €100 and 4th/5th/6th = €50).

Image via EchoLive

The charity event is typically held in order to raise money for defibrillators in Cork city, however this year Cork Lions Club have decided to donate proceeds to Lions International Fund for Ukrainian Refugees.

The event takes place at 2pm on Sunday March 20th. If you would like to take part and purchase a ball, head over to the Lions Club website.

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